Welcome to the GoodX Software for South African Healthcare Practices Click & Learn courses.

The GoodX Software courses use simulations of the software to guide users through their typical workflows. The courses are designed for:

  1. new GoodX Software clients during the software onboarding process AND
  2. new employees starting work in the healthcare practice for their software onboarding process AND
  3. practices seeking to integrate new technology to improve their workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

If you are seeking training for possible employment as a supporting staff member in a healthcare practice, you are welcome to navigate to the GoodX Career Academy on the top main menu and enrol for the offering that we have available.

1. Role-Based Click & Learn

The Role-based Click & Learn courses are custom-built for each role player in the Healthcare Practice. The courses incorporate the in-person fundamental training program for new GoodX clients. The user's selection of courses will be guided by one or more of the following roles performed by the user:

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(Our Stock Controller and Bookkeeper courses are in development.)

2. Discipline-Specific Click & Learn

Our discipline-specific courses are designed to assist practices in configuring and implementing special features of GoodX Software, thereby digitising and improving their discipline-specific workflows.

3. Complimentary Course

Enrol for our complimentary course titled "Introducing GoodX Software South Africa & the Click and Learn Courses" below to gain insight into:
  1. GoodX Software in general,
  2. The design of the GoodX Software courses,
  3. Our definition of Critical Business Processes in Healthcare Practice Management, and
  4. How the various roles within Healthcare Practice Management impact your enrolment decisions.